'Horizon Lines' : A New Psychedelic Polaroid Mosaic Series by Film Collage Artist

The symbolic horizon: Idealized views of nature connecting us with powerful symbols of freedom and opportunity... The adventure in lifelong search for happiness. On the horizon is the realm of the possible, which we can only dream about.

A portrait photographer does two things during quarantine that they don't normally do. Landscapes and or self portraits. I'll be damned, I'm doing both.

The first horizon mosaic created, was the poppy. More than a month into quarantine, with no clear answers, a lot of heavy emotions paired with depression and anxiety.. I headed to the Antelope Poppy Reserve to escape for a bit.

I really needed to be outside, amongst nature and bathed in a good dose of vitamin C.

Truth be told, I often find myself in beautiful, remote places at times I really need to think. I sit on the ground and look out to the horizon.

I was searching for positivity...I found a new Polaroid series too.

More coming soon! <3 Film Collage Artist

Erin Delsigne



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