Fuji Instax Square Collage with Model Eve Harper Close

'The Deep End' - © Erin Delsigne 2018

When forced to save yourself... I ask you this: door number 1, 2, or 3?

Do you choose door number 1? The furthest way out, the hardest way out... but the most successful way out. You will suffer through what most cannot fathom... but you will prevail! You WILL save yourself. You will be free.

Or door number 2? The lust of new love that lifts you above the depression of your suffering. Your sentence of chronic "wtf is this?!" extends until the priorities of your knight aligns with your inner most controversy. You will have to be extraordinarily patient and wait for years on end. You may suffer longer than you needed to, but you will prevail!... with resentment.

Or is it door number 3? Possibly the slimiest of them all. You choose the path handed to you, without question. The norm of the norm.. the cookie cutter way out.. the way society tells you is the right way, even when your instincts scream you are choosing what only appears to be the easiest way out. In reality, choosing to attempt door number 3... will only cause door number 1 to be even further away when you realize 3 is nothing but a dead end.

Model: Eve Harper Close Hollywood California

© Erin Delsigne 2018


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