Covid Photo Challenge #2

May 18th 2020 will be day one for Covid Photo Challenge #2 with me at @filmcollageartist on instagram.

After quarantine was extended in Los Angeles, I polled instagram to see which they would prefer... another photo challenge or a blog post on instant film experiment projects. Although experiment projects won the poll, it was a close race and I got multiple messages asking me to please run another challenge.

I started the #covidphotochallenge to help people stay creative during quarantine.

Maybe provide a way for people to find positivity and relaxation expressing themselves through art. I know I needed it... and I probably wasn't alone.

Looking forward to another creative month with fellow photographers on instagram. If you are reading this and are looking for a creative outlet to help get you through, please join us!

Don't forget to tag @filmcollageartist and use #covidphotochallenge to be featured in my story daily theme recap.

Happy Shooting! Excited to see what you create. <3 Film Collage Artist

Erin Delsigne


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