Barley Band Portrait Collage

Local South Bay band, Barley, hit the Brotheryn Studio for a four day weekend of recording for their upcoming album Pacificana in Ojai Califnornia.

As a part of Erin & Jake Photography my partner and I joined them for the trip to capture a ray of creative content for them. Behind the scenes, candids, video, portraits, drone shots, and as the creative juices started to flow... an Instax collage band portrait.

I have been absolutely obsessed with creating #Fujifilm #Instax collages since my last art show in #Hollywood #California. I had a few ideas stewing with musicians, so I thought I would try some new concepts with Barley.

Barley is a big band... seven people, full time. Nine people featured on the Pacificana album. I decided to design two different #Fujifilm #Instax Wide Collages.

I started by photographing a monochrome portrait of each band member when they weren't busy in the studio. Then I asked them to photography their instruments. As a musician often feels as if their instruments are as necessary as limbs to their bodies.... I wanted to create a band portrait collage that represented connection between artist, tool and craft.

The first collage is made up of 22 Monochrome Instax Images and the second collage is made up of 25 Monochrome Instax images.

<3 Ray Ray

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