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As a film collage photographer, I know how hard it is to choose the right magazines to submit my work to. There are so many things to consider! The style of the magazine.. is your work a good fit? When and how will the magazine be distributed? How I want my work to be displayed, seen, and promoted.

I always recommend finding the right magazine for your style before submitting your work. Submitting blind will most likely result in your work being turned away. So here are some helpful tips!

Top Do’s and Don’ts of Submitting your artwork:

1. Follow all the submission guidelines exactly. 

2. Do NOT publish the work you are submitting to ANY other platform… including social media, your website, your blog.

3. Credit all artists involved. (Team work makes the dream work)

4. Do not fish your work to multiple magazines unless you know you are allowed to under their submission guidelines. MOST magazines request first dibs on your work and will end up not going to print if they find your work up some where else before print!

5. Don’t ruin your chances with a watermark.

This master list is divided into four sections: Print Magazines, Available for print online, Print On Request, and online magazines and blogs.

As I stumble upon great magazines to submit my work to, I will update this list!

Don’t forget to check back in! NOTE: ADDING MORE MAGAZINES IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS.

Print Magazines

- Aesthetica - - To submit, just send a press release to the main editorial team ->

- Hifructose - -

- Juxtapoz - -

- P Magazine (nude) - -

- Nakid (nude) - -

- Resuer (nude) - -

- Surface Magazine - -

Available for print online

- Aint Bad Magazine - -

Oline Magazines & Blogs

- A Secret - -

- Artistic Moods (blog) - -

- Booooom - -

- Colossal - -

- Contemporary Art Daily (blog) - -

- Cross Connect Magazine (blog) - -

- Feature Shoot - -

- Ignant - -

- Inspiration Grid (blog) - -

- It's Nice That (blog) - -

- Original Photography (blog) - -

- My Modern Met (blog) - -

- Staged Photography (blog) - -

- Supersonic (blog) -

- The Jealous Curator (blog) - -

- Yatzer (blog) - -

- Bored Panda (blog) - -


Know of a great magazine that didn’t make the list?!

Comment below  – OR – Send me an email :

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